Find My iPhone App Will Track it Down

You’ve heard of Lo-Jack, and now there is the “Find My iPhone” application! Losing the iPad or iPhone could result in dropping another two hundred to eight hundred dollars on Apple equipment, so the solution to not getting one’s property stolen or lost is, of course, in an App. The “Find My iPhone” App uses […]

Specials Agent App is Here to Locate Drink & Dinner Specials NOW

Sales can be hard to come across on the best of days, but the day specific boneless wings deals, half-priced lunch specials and happy hour two-fers are almost impossible to plan, let alone remember…until now! The special agents at have developed the “Specials” application to covertly seek out and bring together any and every […]

2010 New York Comic Con Official App is Here

The wait is nearly over and no amount of kryptonite can stop it! The New York Comic Con is returning to the big apple in October, and this year the NYCC is combining with the New York Anime Fest to become the largest East Coast popular culture event of 2010! People will be flying in […]

The G4 App Features Booth Babes on the iPhone

Every fan of G4 Tech TV and should have this free application from the App Store! The official “G4” App brings the massive gaming and technological news source to the palm of ones game-callused hand. For fans of Attack of the Show, featuring the gorgeous Apple TV-licking bombshell from Iron Man 2, Olivia Munn, […]

Warning World Cup Fans the Vuvuzela App has a Very Annoying Sound

One of the Top Free Downloads in the App Store is the “Vuvuzela 2010” application! Want to feel the atmosphere of the South African stadium hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Then turn the iPhone into the classic South African plastic horn, and let the humming begin! The unique quality to the 2010 World Cup […]

Holy alQuran App

Scholars and theologians unite, raise the iPhone, and bring the Quran to the palm of one’s hand! The “alQuran” application is free in the App Store and provides the holy Islamic texts in a beautiful and mobile format. The “alQuran” App brings over a hundred different translations, verse by verse, so that the religious or […]

To Refer or Not to Refer to the Bible App

How do millions of argumentative students, from the world’s different cultures, read, study and translate the Bible for educational debate? How do the theologians keep their memories of a multi-thousand-page book sharp? Now everyone can do this easily and can refer to the Christian biblical writings, in 41 different translations, with’s free “Bible” application […]

UFO camera App Superimposes and Abducts iPhones!

I want to believe! For every amateur, professional and federal UFO hunter, follower, hobbyist and hoaxer out there comes the incredibly adept “UFO camera” application for the iPhone. The “UFO camera SILVER” App is free in the Apple Store and provides any user with three different images of UFOs for the purpose of doctoring an […]

MEanderthal App is So Easy a Caveman Can Do It

Look like the distant family relatives… the really distant ones from the Stone Age! The “MEanderthal” App is a picture and identity converter from the Smithsonian Institution, and it is packed with information for the user’s bio. This free application for the iPhone is simple, impactful and really fun. The Smithsonian uses its knowledge to […]

iPhone Pictures Talk?! SayWhat App

Ever want to put a catchphrase, like “I’ll be back” (in Arnold’s Terminator voice), into someone’s mouth? Now it is so easy a caveman could do it (sorry, I could not resist)! The “SayWhat” application for the iPhone allows a user to take any picture and make the subject say things with the mouth moving! […]