Fancy a Smoke Detector iPhone?

Another patent was awarded to Apple last week, one which may prove to be one of the most useful features of the iPhone (and other devices) if it ever gets implemented. Apple and Cisco have recently unveiled a partnership between them, which “is aimed at helping Appleā€™s mobile devices communicate more effectively on corporate networks […]

Paid iOS Apps Gone Free, August 20, 2015

Welcome the weekend early with some paid iOS apps gone free. Today, we’ve got a mix of fun (but perhaps not-so-useful) apps and productivity apps targeted at specific audiences. Enjoy downloading without paying a cent! Paid iOS apps gone free this week BeepBoop “A strange noise-making device.” If you don’t like strange and tend to […]

The Pendulum Collection by Bucardo Gives Your Apple Watch a New Look

When a new gadget is released into the market, accessories are not far behind. In fact, accessories may even be announced even before the device is officially launched and in some cases, accessory specs have given speculators something to chew on. The Apple Watch is not exempt from this, with – as usual – Apple […]

“Now This is #ludacris!!!”: the First Diamond Apple Watch

It is #ludacris if you love playing with words, but it hardly is the first diamond Apple Watch out there. Ludacris’s new Apple Watch, that is. Yesterday, the rapper showed off his brand spanking new diamond Apple watch on his Instagram account using those very words, instantly garnering tens of thousands of likes and quite […]

Have a Taste of Old School with the Apple Flipphone [Concept]

We’re certainly not unused to concept designs for the iPhone. From an iPhone 8 concept to an iPhone 6C concept – and practically everything in between – we’ve seen quite a bunch of artistic renditions. This time, instead of forward-looking concepts, we’re going to take a short walk down memory lane with the Apple Flipphone. […]