Win a free Camstasia for Mac license

Recently, we had an in-depth look at one of the most prominent programs in the field, Camtasia – a nifty little tool that can do a lot more than it lets on at a first glance. With Camtasia, the process of recording and editing a video of your current screen becomes a child’s play, as the […]

Review: Camtasia

If you’re looking to record video directly from your computer screen, you won’t find an app that’s easier to use yet robust enough to suit every need, than Camtasia for Mac. It offers a well-rounded list of features and a slick, easy-on-the-eyes interface that’s right in keeping with the aesthetic that Mac users expect. When […]

Time Capsule: Just an External Hard Drive?

Computers crash all the time, and Macs are no exception. I once had a MacBook brick on me while I was on a two-week business trip, making my life miserable and forever losing a ton of important data along the way. That’s a mistake I won’t make again. External hard drives are the perfect solution […]

The World of Apple: A Visual Look at The Company’s Timeline and Some Interesting Statistics

After yesterday’s Fall Keynote we had to make several tweaks to our newest infographic, but we are proud to present a timeline for the most important product launches in Apple’s history, keeping an eye on the stock value at the time of every product launch. The team also analysed several data around the AppStore and […]