Tower Boxx Deluxe 3D for iPhone

Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D for iPhone from Digital Chocolate, Inc. is a highly addictive game that comes, apparently, from a facebook app. The game features some amazing visuals, and intuitive gameplay. Basically, you’re building a city one skyscraper at a time, and the game challenges you to build straight towers. A crane holds the next […]

Windows Mobile 6.5 launches with “Skymarket”

Mobile competition is heating up. Today Microsoft unveiled their updated Windows Mobile 6.5. The design completely revises the main interface of the platform, which now features a “honeycomb” home screen design, and zune-like menus. Microsoft also revealed their “Skymarket” – their own version of the App Store. The OS update also includes both Flash and […]

AdMob Reports iPhone and iPod touch Share Growth

Admob supplies iPhone and iPod touch advertising to many Apps in the App Store. Their latest tracking numbers indicate that request from Apple devices grew 28% in January. Now, that might make you think, at first, that that means sales increased during January, but that’s not really the case. Sure, it could mean that, it […]

17 inch Macbook Pros are NOW SHIPPING!

We confirmation from a reader that the first 17inch Macbook Pros are now officially shipping. Users should begin to see the units arrive in the next few days. Apple’s 17 inch Macbook Pro was originally supposed to ship weeks ago, but Apple was forced to delay the release for unspecified reasons.

Apple Posts 2 Major Security Updates

Apple released two security updated yesterday. The first was aimed at Java related issues, and the second is a broader security update that addresses the Safari RSS vulnerability that made so much noise a few months back. The updates are recommended for all users, and you can get them by simply clicking “Software Update…” under […]

Prey is coming to the iPhone

Game developer 3D Realms has announced that they will be releasing their title Prey for the iPhone. IGN has a preview of the game, and it looks nice. The controls are actually overlaid on the screen (you can see them in the screenshot above), and IGN says they will take a little getting used to, […]

Mophie Annouces the “Juice Pack Air”

It’s accessory day here on Apple Gazette – and this one is the iPhone accessory I’m most excited about so far in 2009. Long time readers know that I’m a big fan of the Mophie Juicepack. The biggest problem with the battery/case has been the fact that it was a bit thick. This latest incarnation […]

iBoo – a Pac-Man Ghost Inspired Dock for your iPod?

Speakal has unvealed the “iBoo” a quirky iPod dock that features a “spooky” design that reminds me a great deal of the ghosts from the arcade classic Pac-Man. The design comes in three colors, Red, Blue, and White. It has two “eyes” that serve as mid- and high-range speakers. The smiling mouth is actually an […]