IDG moves Macworld to Feb. 2010

IDG World Expo has announced that Macworld 2010 will be moving from it’s original January 4th – 8th slot next year, to February 9 – 13. The question of if Macworld can survive without Apple is still up in the air, but IDG is making some changes to Macworld 2010 in an effort to drum […]

Microsoft Ad Fuels Mac/PC Debate – ugh.

You know what I’ve decided I don’t have time in my life for anymore? The Mac vs. PC debate. Honestly, the Internet can kill the fun in just about anything, and it has officially killed the fun of this back and forth for me. This new Ad from Microsoft is really what takes the cake. […]

WWDC Dates Announced, Speculation Begins

June 8-12 has been set for WWDC 2009, and now the speculation begins on exactly what we’ll see. Of course, the biggest speculation is, of course, the return of Steve Jobs. Will he be back at the show? I doubt it, but I’m sure it will be the lead speculation until the presentation itself. Snow […]

Do you Want a Subsidized Macbook?

We’ve seen a lot of rumors about subsidized Macbooks coming soon. Basically you’d get a Macbook at a substantially cheaper price, but in return you’d have to sign a two-year mobile data contract with a company like At&t or Orange. Now, I’m very much against this kind of thing mainly because I think it’s setting […]

OnLive to Bring More Gaming to Mac

At the Game Developer’s Conference this week one of the biggest stories is that of “OnLive”, a new gaming system that will handle most of the video game processing remotely, allowing you to play high quality games on machines that don’t have the greatest graphics cards. They will be offering a “mini-console” in the future, […]

VIDEO: Keyboard working on Non-Jailbroken iPhone

This video above from TUAW is supposedly from a non-jail broken iPhone. There appears to be a small debate about whether that is actually true or not…but to me, it doesn’t really matter. I’m just glad to see an external keyboard working on the iPhone. When you combine the features announced for iPhone 3.0, external […]

2 Things you WILL NOT see from Apple in 2009

Each day the rumors get dumber and dumber, and the most current collection of crap from Boy Genius Report is a poster child for every that is wrong with rumor mongering. In this report which says almost nothing at all, there is allusions that Apple will release a $99 netbook (the last point in an […]

Anyone else getting Sick of Netbook/iPhone Video Rumors?

I gotta say, I’m getting really sick of all the Netbook/iTablet and iPhone camera rumors. Even more so than previous rumors that have come along in the past. The “true” Video iPod rumor comes to mind – and even it was not quite as annoying as what we’ve seen recently. There is SO much speculation […]

Star Trek Movie Prequel comes to iPhone, iPod touch

I don’t do a lot of plugging for iVerse stuff on Apple Gazette, but if you’re a Trekkie at all…you’re going to want to know about this… The new “Star Trek” film has a lot of buzz. The latest trailer is one of the most popular downloads on Apple’s Movie Trailer website ever, and people […]