Oregon Trail coming to iPhone

If you’re close to thirty or above, chances are you remember a game called “The Oregon Trail”. It is a classic computer game that looked something like this…

I remember very clearly that “The Oregon Trail” was one of, if not THE first computer game I ever played. The game was a “reward” in our first computer classes in elementary school. If you finished whatever your assignment was, you got to play Oregon Trail.

Now, that game is coming back for the 21st Century on the iPhone, and it looks like this…

It’s quite an update, and I can’t wait to play it. The game is coming out for the iPhone hopefully by March 1st from Gameloft. IGN has more screenshots right here. I sincerely hope that the game has a “classic” mode as well…but either way, I’m in.

Are you excited about Snow Leopard?

I could care less about Snow Leopard at this point.

I really dislike the name. I think it’s going to confuse casual users. I think Apple has lowered our expectations on it on purpose, which I think is a good idea, but I’ve been left with a sort of “who cares” feeling when it comes to the OS itself.

Right now, I can’t really see myself dumping $120 on an OS that’s primary features are “performance updates” unless it someone makes my Macbook Pro feel brand new with an amazing new speed that was previously unachievable…and I doubt that’s going to happen.

I hope we see something new and compelling about the OS update in the near future. I expect it will have at least SOME new features by the time its released (I’m guessing around WWDC 09), but right now, I’m completely indifferent to it.

How about you?

Apple asks Google to keep Multi-touch out of Android

So it turns out that Apple asked Google last year not to implement multi-touch in Android…and Google said yes.

It’s a move that some see as odd, but it really makes a lot of sense for both parties when you think about it. Google needs Apple right now…the iPhone features a great deal of Google integration, and there’s no reason for that to change. If Apple and Google were tied up in a legal battle over multi-touch that could sour the relationship and give Yahoo! and other search providers in-roads into the mobile space via the iPhone.

Google can also avoid all of the hassle of the legal battle (and the possible hurt relationships that could result) by simply waiting at first and letting another company come in and take Apple to court.

Palm looks ready to do just that, and the results could easily see Google implementing multi-touch on Android if Palm wins.

As someone who is a fan of both platforms, I’d like to see multi-touch on Android, but I can say that the OS works fine without it too. The G1 encourages one handed navigation with the scroll ball on the device, and it works really well.

So with or without multi-touch, Google’s Android platform is a nice user experience. It seems to me that this was a smart move on Googles part…at least for now.

image from phandroid

iPhone – Raising a Generation on Touch Screen Keyboards

The iPhone was my first smart phone. Up until it was released, I never saw a reason to carry a “smart phone” around with me. They didn’t do what I wanted done in a way that I wanted to do it.

As a result, I never got used to, or addicted to, the Blackberry way of doing things.

With so many iPhones and iPod touches out there (and millions more will be sold this year – recession or not), there is an entire generation that is growing up learning how to type on a mobile device just like I did…with a touch screen.

I recently acquired a T-Mobile G1 – and I do really enjoy the Android OS. One of these days I’ll write up why I think its the Windows of this generation (but not today). The biggest problem I have with the device is the keyboard.

I can’t stand using the physical keyboard. I can’t get my head around it, and I can’t get my fingers to move fast enough for it to be in any way an affective communication tool.

With the iPhone, on the other hand, I can fly across the keys making only minimal mistakes. I’m sure if I’d started on a Blackberry I might feel differently…but I didn’t.

Millions of others haven’t either. So my question to you is – will the next generation…the ones that are getting iPod touches and their first iPhones now…usher in a complete era of the touch screen keyboard? Or will the physical keyboards last another 5 years? Another 10?

I don’t think they will…but I could be wrong.