Apple Gazette Daily 422 – Woz, Apple, News, and more!

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Woz joins Start up as “Chief Scientist”

Steve Wozniak has been making quite a bit of noise recently with his activities with Axiotron, and how he’s doing something different again. This time he’s going back to work as the chief scientist (what an awesome title) for Fusion-io, a start up company that tweaks computers to let them tap vast amounts of storage […]

Apple issues update to Garageband 09

Apple has issued an update for GarageBand just a few days after the product was released. The 5.0.1 update is a 26.7 MB download available from your Software Update. It offers stability improvements and fixes some issues with downloads from the “Learn to Play Lessons Store”.

17-inch Macbook Pros Delayed until Feb. 19th

If you ordered a new 17 inch Macbook Pro, chances are you’re not happy right now. Why? Because the newest member of the Mac family has been delayed until February 19, 2009. I love how Apple explains this (they did a similar thing with the launch of the Apple TV) – “Wrapping up the new […]

Video Conferencing on the iPhone – Are You Excited?

Gizmodo and many others have reported that the next incarnation of the iPhone could very well have a camera on the front of the device, allowing video conferencing. This feature was rumored for the iPhone 3G, but many expect it was kept out of the device due to production costs. This is one of those […]

Is the iPhone a Good eBook Reader?

There is a rumor that Amazon will be revealing the Kindle 2 on Monday, and many feel like the iPhone and the Kindle are direct competitors in the same space in regards to the future of ebooks. Steve Jobs has stated in the past that he didn’t think an ebook reader would ever be successful […]

Podcaster released for iPhone as “RSS Player”

Everyone remember the big stink about “Podcaster” not being allowed in the iTunes App Store? Yeah…me too. Anyway, apparently Apple had a problem with the name “Podcaster” as well as the fact that it was “duplicating functionality” that Apple wanted to put into iTunes, because it is finally in the App Store under the name […]

Google Ads “Mobile Task” Web App for iPhone/Android

While most of us have abandoned the “Web Apps” of early iPhone development days, Google has just kicked a new one out for those of you who have been using their Google Labs “Tasks” App. The iPhone/Android optimized Web App is available at (on a mobile device, of course) and will give you an […]