Budget Airline Replaces In-Seat Monitors with iPads

The iPad has helped revolutionize the way we look at entertainment. It is a true portable entertainment and productivity gadget – and it is something that companies are beginning to incorporate into their business. Scoot Pte, a Singapore-based budget airline, realizes that it can further cut operational costs and also bring in-flight entertainment into the […]

Apple Orders DRAM from Samsung Rival

The legal battle that Apple and Samsung have been waging against each other for quite some time now looked like it was finally going to end with news that the CEOs of the two companies have agreed to meet and discuss possible settlement terms, and with it the professional animosity that the two companies feel […]

ITC Rules Apple Infringes on Motorola Patent

Apple recently received less than favorable news with the US International Trade Commission ruling that Apple is infringing on a patent involving 3G wireless technology that Motorola Mobility owns. The Commission further stated that Apple’s action also compels other companies to infringe on this same patent without even knowing that they’re doing it. This is […]

About 140,000 Macs Remain Infected with Flashback

Apple recently released the official removal tool and a patch that will remove and protect Macbooks from the Flashback malware, it is still installed on many Macs. In a blog post, computer security company Symantec reported that 140,000 Macs are still infected with Flashback. Even though it is a huge drop compared to the 600,000 […]

Protect Your Mac From Flashback: How To Disable Java

By now you’ve already heard of the Flashback botnet that has infected thousands of Macs worldwide. Hopefully, you’re not one of the 600,000 Macs that have been infected. Apple is already hard at work trying to make a tool that will finally stop Flashback in its tracks. Protecting yourself from Flashback is as simple as […]

More Rich People Get iPhones

If you’re the type who really go crazy status symbols then you’d really need to get an iPhone if you haven’t already. A new study has shown that people who are rich prefer the iPhone over other mobile phones. The research was conducted by The Luxury Institute. The study involved studying the app usage of […]

German Court Dismisses Lawsuits from Apple, Samsung

The legal saga between Apple and Samsung continues with a recent decision by the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany to dismiss three cases filed by Samsung against Apple over certain 3G technology patents. The same court has also dismissed one case filed by Apple against Samsung over the slide to unlock patent. Before you think […]