3 Tools for App Tracking

We iPhone and iPod Touch users love our apps, and with the announcement that the iPad will run almost 140,000 apps from the App Store, it looks like the latter will just keep on growing in popularity and apps. Here, three of my favorite (free!) ways to keep track of them: AppShopper AppShopper very awesomely […]

Have Your Mac and Eat it Too

I’ve mentioned before that aside from being an Apple fangirl, I’m a baker- which explains this little collection of photos I want to share with you. These are, without a doubt, the sweetest Macs ever- nine of my favorite Apple “products” in cupcake and cake form: Sweet 16 Macbook What Twilight-loving, Robert Pattinson-obsessed sixteen year […]

Tips for Apple Evangelists

Before anything else, I’d like to introduce myself: I’m Lorraine Nepomuceno, a web designer and rabid Apple fan-girl. When I’m not blogging about web design or creating dream configurations of Mac Pros at the Apple store, I run a little online bakeshop, spend time with my husband, and try, mostly in vain, to keep our […]