Apple Joins The Twitter Bandwagon To Promote iTunes

Apple is embracing Twitter with open arms to promote new content on iTunes. Apple’s first official Twitter account, @iTunesTrailer was registered last March and now Apple has registered the following Twitter accounts: @iTunesMusic, @iTunesMovies, @iTunesTV and @iTunesPodcasts. You can follow these accounts now on Twitter to get the latest from iTunes. As of now, @iTunesPodcast […]

Apple Announces New iMacs, MacBooks, Minis, Magic Mouse… Whoop De Doo.

In case you didn’t quite get it, notice the sarcasm when I said, ‘Whoop de doo’. It’s like Apple announcements are always TOO hyped up. Honestly. As much as I am an Apple Fan Girl, I can only muster so much enthusiasm about something that’s not so ‘revolutionary’. For this month’s Apple announcement, they released […]

Apple Still Cares Without Apple Care… For Now.

I’ve been a Mac user for around 2 years now. Still pretty much a newbie though, compared to the veterans who have been Mac users for over 3 decades or so. Only recently have I been able to fully appreciate being a Mac user because of its Apple Care Protection Plan (APP). Some might disagree […]

My Thoughts: Apple’s Conflicting Stand On Piracy

I find it really ironic that Apple is doing everything in their power to make the iPhone un-jailbreakable. Just recently, Apple has updated the bootrom (iBoot-359.3.2) on the iPhone 3Gs units that shipped in the past week. While this won’t fully stop the jailbreaking community from creating a new jailbreak update, it will however make […]

Why Mac Users Should REALLY Invest In Apple Care…

Here’s a simple equation why Mac Users should REALLY invest in the Apple Care Protection Plan. I sent my MacBook Pro (late 2007 model) to an Apple Service Provider for ALL those said repairs and I did not pay a single cent. Nada. The only inconvenience I felt was the 3-weeks laptop-less period that made […]

Sony Offers Extended Service Plans. Should Apple Be Scared?

I stumbled upon the Sony Styles website just the other day when I saw the news about their release of the Sony Vaio X. The first glimpse of the Sony Vaio X made me think of Apple’s MacBook Air. Similarly sleek and thin design and an awfully similar keyboard design! In fact, there’s an image […]

Go Update Your iPhone OS To OS 3.1.2 Now!

Fresh from the Apple factory, the iPhone OS 3.1.2 software update is out! This update will address several annoying issues that OS 3.1 brought upon iPhone users. Issues like not waking up from sleep (annoying), network service disruption (more annoying), and crashing during video streaming (slightly annoying). Not much of a biggie update, but an […]

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac Is Out!

I’m a little late on the news but for those who aren’t aware, Research In Motion (RIM) has recently developed and released a BlackBerry Desktop made specifically for Mac Users last Friday, October 2. It’s about time. iSync is good, but there’s only so much you can do with a sync manager that isn’t specially […]