Software Update 10.6.3 Killed My Adobe Photoshop CS3

It’s been 3 days since I updated to Software Update 10.6.3 and it’s been 3 days that I have not been able to use Photoshop CS3. Photoshop CS3 crashes 3-5 seconds upon initializing and I tell you, I am very, very frustrated by this. I’ve been lurking the Adobe Support Forum and the Apple Support […]

Let’s Play A Game: Movie and TV Show Mac Spotting

My fiance and I watched the movie The Proposal yesterday and I can’t help but notice that in the first 10 minutes of the movie, I’ve spotted around four (4) Macs. When Sandra Bullock enters her office building, you can already spot a couple of iMacs in the background. When she enters her room, there’s […]

Apple Announces Black Friday Sale

Apple has just announced that they will be having their annual Black Friday sale on November 27, 2009. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is probably the busiest shopping day of the year. Several Apple retail stores and the online Apple store will be participating in the said event. Hopefully, the discounts this year will […]

What If Apple Lost Against Psystar?

I just read about Apple winning the copyright infringement case about Psystar today. If you are not familiar with the Apple vs Psystar case, Psystar is a corporation that believes in open computers. And with this ideal, they sold non-Apple machines with OS X operating systems for a more affordable price. They are the first […]