OSX on the HTC Shift

Oh, the Hackintosh. Everyone wants to put OSX on their devices, but they all know that Apple doesn’t condone it. Well the latest version of this is the HTC Shift, which received a custom install of OSX. Here’s the deets from PocketNow.com: Since its release, we’ve seen some users successful installWindows 7 onto the platform […]

The Macification of my Mother

My mother is a big fan of the iPad my wife and I bought her for mother’s day, and it’s completely changed the way she does things. She hasn’t been in Barnes & Noble in over four months, and she used to spend a good portion of her free time at the bookstore. For her, […]

NBC Vs AppleTV

When Apple decided to make the push to 99-cent rentals on the AppleTV and other iOS devices, I thought that was a pretty good plan. After all, I don’t ever purchase a DVD or download of a TV show unless I really love it, and even then, it’s rare. So for 99 cents, I could […]

The Titan and the iPad

There are hundreds of different stands for your iPad out there, but it seems like many are following the iMac aesthetic. There’s nothing wrong with that, because after all, it will most likely compliment the iMac that you could have on your desktop, or just your other products. In this case, it’s the Titan for […]

Wrap Your iPad in Mario

Alright, so technically, this is a Goomba, not Mario. But first, let me explain. I can honestly say with no exaggeration that my wife and I would not be together today if it wasn’t for Nintendo. Seriously. We were dating, and things were going alright, but neither of us were really that into it. Then […]