An Actual Moleskin iPad/iPhone Case

I find myself writing a lot about the Moleskine-inspired iPhone/iPad case, because it seems like everybody and their dog is making one. This is particularly useful with the iPad, because not only will it appear like the iPad is actually just an inexpensive notebook, but it also has a cool look. Just the other day […]

The Multiple Mac Setup

[Image via Charm Royal] About a year ago, I moved my office from one room in the house to the other so that I could accomodate my as then yet unborn son. Between myself and my wife, we have three computers: My MacBook pro, a community iMac that’s mostly used as an iTunes server, and […]

Peeling Back the Curtain

Foul language ahead. Let me take a moment to peel back the curtain a little bit and fill you all in on how I do my job. I spend a good portion of my day hunting down Apple info, and when I get it, I report it to you. Sometimes I wait a day to […]

Bamboo Plated iPhone Cases

I could’ve sworn I’ve written about these guys before, but after a quick search, I’m apparently wrong. With that being the case, let me tell you about these cool new … umm … cases. They’re made by Grove, and these are made out of bamboo. For those that don’t know, bamboo is a super renewable […]

Another iPad Killer Contender

[Image via Engadget] If there’s anyone out there that can knock the iPad down a peg, it’s Research in Motion. The BlackBerry line of phones – although antiquated at this point – are still super popular in the enterprise sector, and may not be going anywhere anytime soon. Well yesterday, RIM introduced their next big […]