The Multitasker

As of five minutes ago, this was what my desktop looked like. Admittedly, it’s a bit more scattered than I typically like to see, but it’s still pretty functional. Here’s what I’ve got going down. I like to watch movies or TV shows while I’m working, because it does a good job of being background […]

Google for iPhone Gets Pushy

Got the Google app for the iPhone yet? No? Go get it now. I’ll wait. [iTunes link] Now that you’ve got it, let me explain what’s new. First, there’s the push notifications for Gmail and Google Calendar. Second, well there is no second. That’s it, just push e-mail and calendar notifications. Which is huge. I’m […]

The Great Pivoting iMac Concept

The world of Apple patents can be a tricky thing. Apple puts out tons of patent applications every year, and there’s never any “sure thing” that it’s going to happen. This one though, is pretty interesting. This comes from MacRumors, and it goes like this: Take your typical iMac and make it a touchscreen. Then […]

Soft iPad Case Love

This one’s for you, Maurice. IPad cases are everywhere it seems, but most of them tend to look like either man bags, purses, or both. This one seems to be more of a sleeve than anything else, but considering the price and the size, it looks like a win to me. It’s called the Cusco […]

In “I Must’ve Missed This One” News: Monoprice Discontinuing Apple Cables

I love Monoprice. There are a few reasons why, but most of it comes down to their great customer service and low prices, both of which I’ve spoken about before. But now, it looks like they’re not going to be selling Apple cables anymore, and the reason why takes a bit explaining. First, there’s a […]

Get Things Done With Epic Win

The world of getting things done can be pretty monotonous at times, what with all of the date entering and following up. There are plenty of good apps for the iPhone that help you keep track of that giant to-do list, but none of them really do it with any flair. Turns out that now, […]