Dock Prototype Overload

I loves me some docks, but sometimes, I think it can be a bit too much. Take, for example, this concept posted over at Yanko Design, one of my favorite prototype blogs. It’s a dock designed to fit underneath your iMac which has a docking station for your iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Oh, and there’s a few […]

HDR Comparisons

I played around with the new HDR feature on my iPhone yesterday with some mixed results. Ultimately, this comes down to the advantages and disadvantages of the technology, but overall, I’m pretty pleased. First, HDR is best in high-contrast situations, such as the images here. Pictured is Scrappy, my dachshund, without HDR below, and with above. […]

Dumb News of the Week: Apple Losing Sales Because of Antennagate

Wow. Just dumb. First, let’s start with this headline from the Business Insider: Apple Is Losing 20% Of U.S. iPhone 4 Sales To Antennagate Wow. That’s impressive sounding. I should read on. Apple is losing iPhone 4 sales to Antennagate, according to a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray. Piper surveyed 258 cell phone owners in the […]

MacUpdate Bundle Live

Looking for a good deal? Of course you are. You’re the frugal type who really likes to pinch their pennies. You’ve got an old water jug filled with coins right next to your desk right now, don’t you? Yeah, you’re that guy. In all seriousness, the new MacUpdate Bundle is good to go, and it’s […]

AppleTV Versus Built-Ins

I was over at my folk’s house the other day, and the subject of the new AppleTV came up. He says to me, “You know, I was at Best Buy the other day, and they have these Samsung TVs with apps built in. Why would I buy an AppleTV?” Admittedly, that’s kind of a tough […]

4.2 Can’t Come Quick Enough

Like millions of you out there, I went ahead and downloaded iOS 4.1 today for my iPhone, an I was pretty happy with the results. No dropped call issues yet, GameCenter is kinda neat, and I like the HDR stuff. But then I went off to read something on my iPad, and the difference was […]

The Samsung Galaxy will Dominate Tablets Next Year [Featured Snark]

[Image via] The smack talking has begun. Yesterday, in the Wall Street Journal online, Samsung made a pretty big claim: The Galaxy Tab is essentially an enlarged version of Samsung’s new Galaxy S smartphone, which is available through AT&T Inc., Deutsche Telekom AG’s T-Mobile USA and Sprint Nextel Corp. Mr. Yoon said Samsung expects to ship 10 million […]