Back Flip Case: Brainless Gift for the Holidays

Ever tried making your iPhone or iPod touch stand by itself? It’s almost like trying to pick up a wet watermelon off the floor. Nearly impossible. Kudos to Apple for their “ergonomic design.” In the recent past, most portable gadgets have had furniture-like features built into them. The latest would be stock gadget stands that […]

Go crazy on these freebies: iDrop Dead Flower Edition and Perfect Balance Codes

OK guys, go crazy on these. First come basis. These are 5 codes each for Perfect Balance: Harmony and iDrop Dead: Flower Edition, which we reviewed a couple of days ago. Five codes for Perfect Balance: Harmony: 63T7NW49J9EF K4PPKAM6W7XT P4NA3XYTXM9F KE7M6AJNFMT9 XT4W44M6RM4X Five codes for iDrop Dead Flower Edition: KKJJKH93LHA3 RR9PKNP6YW94 MTHXRN3R7YWK EF6K9HY4XNLN EP6PRRT94LWM

Apple Gazette and the Future

We haven’t been around. That was obvious. But we’re back now, slowly gaining our bearings. Let me introduce myself — I’m Jayvee Fernandez, chief editor for Splashpress Media. A couple of months ago, Apple Gazette was sold and procured by our network of sites. This caused a little hitch in transition — weeks without content, […]

Half the time, it was about Windows 7

Regional launches are always interesting. Snow Leopard was definitely low key, and so it seemed in other regions. Back here in Asia, half the Keynote presentation was about Windows 7. Hell had definitely frozen over as journalists and bloggers shifted in their seats when Apple’s regional marketing guy went into an in depth comparison with […]