Read all the Books in Skyrim on your iPad

Bought Skyrim for the PS3 at launch. More than 50 quests, 24 in game days, more than 48 hours of game time spent. Wow. And I’ve just barely scratched the surface of one of the year’s most immersive titles. Bethesda sure put in a lot of detail into this masterpiece. Your armor loses its shine. […]

Battle Nations: Still playing it even if it has a Farmville Element

There’s a relatively new game out on the iTunes store and that’s Battle Nations. From the title description it seemed like a hex based strategy game similar to Advanced Wars or Final Fantasy Tactics. A free download later, I was mistaken. Battle Nations is a premium quality game for the iOS that combines the incessant […]

In the 80’s Apple Merchandise consisted of paperweights, notepads and kites

It’s always refreshing to see the past. The 80’s were a darling decade and I remember growing up to the days when computers were starting to go mainstream and IT products were trying their darn best to market themselves into the mainstream. Open a box of any Apple product today and consider yourself lucky to […]

Spook your friends with HauntedFace and ZombieBooth this Halloween

Every year we try to find ways to spook our friends and this time I cracked it with HauntedFace Lite and ZombieBooth Lite for the iPhone. Yeah sadly no universal version yet but it works fine on the iPad. The app is similar to Photo Booth effects but turns your face into a horrendous mistake […]

Learning from Apple’s advertising landmarks in the 80’s

I came across some scans of some of Apple’s advertising material for print. Though from the 80’s they clearly define an emerging Apple trying to break free from the conventional ways of doing things, clearly defining their ‘Think Different’ campaign. Personally, I do find Apple circa 1980’s to have been a more interesting one as […]