Dashboard Widget: Deep Sleep

I love the way my PowerBook sleeps. It’s fast (both sleeping and waking up) and it has close to zero battery consumption. I love it so much I don’t usually shut down my laptop when I travel. When I need to go online or do some work, I just open the lid and my stuff’s […]

Wanted: Google Gadgets on Mac OS X

I was pretty excited about the recent news that Google has committed better support for us folks on the Mac. I’m a recent convert myself, much like some on Google’s Mac team (though not exactly a 100% switcher, since I usually work on my PowerBook and Windows-based laptop at the same time–I do a lot […]

Huge Collection of Apple ][ Games Playable Online

Okay, I admit it, I wasn’t around yet when the Apple ][ first hit the market in 1977. But hey, I’m still a sucker for old games. Somehow there’s something hypnotic in the simplicity of it all. Sure, you don’t get snazzy graphics and intelligent gameplay. However, the concept here is simple. Just. Play. It. […]

Get A Mac Ads: Is “Mac” Getting Soft?

Like Michael, I also dig Apple’s new Get a Mac ads. I think it’s hilarious the way John Hodgman and Justin Long personify “PC” and “Mac.” However, I tend to think the ads stereotype the Mac and PC (and the users of each platform) too much. While number-crunching and “serious” work are the forte of […]