Rare Find: Apple ][ Jigsaw Puzzle from 1983

Joshua Coventry chanced upon a rare find on eBay: an Apple ][ Jigsaw puzzle from Apple’s 1983 Gift Catalog. Back in 1983, Apple released a gift catalog featuring Apple-branded merchandize such as mugs, T-shirts, and, amongst many other items, an Apple II jigsaw puzzle. I bought it for 99 pence. Shortly after, it arrived – […]

AMD-Powered Apple Notebooks Coming Soon?

Apple Insider quotes a DigiTimes article that says AMD-powered Apple notebooks are not too far ahead into the future. The publication cites Taiwan-based sources in the passive component industry as witnessing an aggressive increase in orders for high-capacitance multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) supposedly en-route for an AMD-based Apple notebook. In supporting its claims, the publication […]

Macworld Blooper Compilation

I know this isn’t really new, but it’s a Friday and I think we all deserve some pretty light stuff to get us into that weekend mindset. This is a compilation of slip-ups during Steve Jobs’ keynotes at Macworld. Well, what can I say? Probably only Steve can handle situations like these with grace. ‘Gotta […]

iPod Users Likely To Buy Zunes

Survey says that a majority of people who currently own iPods are also likely to buy Microsoft Zunes in the near future. One of the inferences done from the study was that iPod users are not as passionate about their music players as Mac users are their computers. Some 58% of current iPod owners who […]

2G iPod Shuffle Clips Easily Bent?

A member of the Apple Insider forums writes that his second-generation iPod Shuffle’s clip was bent when he stood up from a seating position with his shuffle clipped to his watch pocket (yes, that’s what the fifth jeans pocket is called). “Today I was wearing my iPod like the picture on Apple’s [iPod] shuffle page. […]

20 Useful OS X Tips for Switchers or Beginners

Apple Matters posts 20 useful tips for using OS X. Experienced Mac users might scoff at these tips, but these might prove to be useful to recent switchers or new Mac users. Hey, some experienced users might be overlooking some functionalities listed here. They’re nothing drastic, but the simple tips might prove to be useful […]

History of the Mac

I have to admit that the Apple fan that I am, I am a recent switcher. The first time I started to use a G4 eMac as a personal computer was at work early 2005. But having left the corporate grind for a mobile/telecommute/freelance writer’s life left me without a Mac for a few months […]

Defining the Apple “Power User”

2006 is the year of the laptop for me. After several years of living by on company-issued laptops, then purchasing a low-end used laptop myself when I went freelance, I finally got to push myself into buying a new laptop this July, which was an entry-level Compaq Presario V2000. I really wanted a MacBook, but […]

Five Years of the iPod – It’s All About the Music!

October 23rd, 2006 marked the fifth birthday of the venerable iPod. You see them everywhere–on the streets, on the train, at the mall, and perhaps you, or even your kids, own one. Or two. Or three. The iPod has been hailed as Apple’s saving grace, having helped bolster the company’s bottomline and brand awareness, and […]

10 Reasons Why an Apple Phone Would be Cool

For the longest time now, rumors have spread about an upcoming Apple cellphone. And up to now, these are still rumors. There have been patents uncovered, but later on clarified not to be plans for an Apple mobile phone. And come on, a company’s applying for a patent doesn’t really mean they’ll actually make a […]