Goldtouch Fully Adjustable Mac Keyboard

If you spend hours in front of your computer like me, chances are you’re already feeling the stress on your wrists, arms and back because of prolonged keyboard use. It’s even worse when you’re using a laptop and you sit with a wrong posture when typing. If you think your joints deserve better, you should […]

The MacBook Pro is Not a Laptop

I had been familiar with the running joke that Apple notebooks are no longer marketed as “laptops” these days because they give off just too much heat for the average person’s lap to handle. I only realized it was also Apple’s position–somewhat–when I chanced upon a post on citing Apple’s own MacBook Pro Care […]

Look Ma! No On/Off Switch!

Following a post I made a while back on ForeverGeek citing comments that Windows Vista has too many options for shutting down, I’ve been thinking about how Apple designed the iPod to have no power button. True enough, as of recent public betas, Vista users have at least nine ways to turn off their computers. […]

No Sale of iPods in North Korea

iPods hold the honor of being among “luxury items” that the U.S. government is banning from export in North Korea as a trade sanction aimed at personally annoying North Korean President Kim Jong Il. he Bush administration wants North Korea’s attention, so like a scolding parent it’s trying to make it tougher for that country’s […]

Three New Get A Mac Ads

Just when we thought there would be radical changes to Apple’s Get A Mac ads with the rumor of Justin Long’s not appearing as “Mac” anymore (which has since been cleared up), Apple has released three new videos featuring the familiar John Hodgman and Justin Long team-up. One of the videos is holiday-themed, but I […]

Parallels Review

I probably won’t find a need for Parallels (nor Boot Camp) anytime soon, since firstly my Mac is still PowerPC based (unless someone sends me a MacBook soon … pretty please!), and since I usually have my Mac and Windows laptops running side by side when working. But for those who need multiple Operating Systems […]

Belkin TuneFM Review

I wasn’t really planning to get an iPod anytime soon, but all my siblings were snapping up latest-generation iPods of their own (2 second-gen Shuffles, one second-gen Nano, and one fifth-generation/Video). They got theirs cheap because of educational discounts (about 20% off) so I was actually considering riding on their discount since I no longer […]

OS X Vulnerability: Disk Images

MacSlash reports that corrupted .DMG files can be used to run arbitrary code on OS X. The Month of Kernel Bugs project has just proof of concept, where they tested this on an up-to-date installation of OS X on an Intel-powered production Mac. Corrupt .dmg files are not properly processed by the kernel driver responsible […]