Pro Soccer Zombie: Apocalypse Edition – This Is How Zombie Games Should Be

Every once in a while one discovers a new game, which even non-gamers enjoy. In last years zombies and the zombiecalypse have been omni-present and we love to blame Danny Boyle for this but thanks to probably the same Danny Boyle, we now can play Pro Zombie Soccer: Apocalypse Edition.

Review: Smurfs’ Village: Farming in Blue and Finally a Really Good-looking Farming App

Capcom has entered since a while the freemium game already and now has chosen to endorse the oh so addictive, and popular, farming scene. The biggest difference this time though is that Capcom’s farming game good-looking, well thought out is and has a nice nostalgic touch. If you’re older than 20 you probably have heard […]

The History of Online Video

Apple fans usually are among the first ones to enjoy new technology, often even to help new technology become a standard. Examples are Firewire (hold your hand up if you have actually something plugged in to your FW port right now), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and definitely the internet as a streaming platform. Quicktime, Apple trailers and […]