New Wireless Keyboards in 3-5 Weeks?

I have to admit to being fairly impressed with the new designs of the iMac, and while pretty much everything mentioned was available right after the town hall meeting, the wireless keyboard isn’t ready yet. The online Apple Store is showing wait times of 3-5 weeks for the lighter, fancier Bluetooth keyboard. Do we complain […]

Switchers Perspective: Hardware

One of the key things that I noticed when I got my MacBook Pro is that it is slick looking. I worried that it wouldn’t stay pretty for long. I am pretty rough on my computers. The ThinkPad paled in comparison, and was smaller in size than the MacBook Pro. I found myself enjoying the […]

Switchers Perspective: Software

It is amazing how often people say that Mac’s just work. I found that to be true for the initial things, but once I went beyond the software that was included on my machine, I found myself lost and confused, and feeling very limited in what I could produce. What was a dock, and how […]

Switchers Perspective: Why Switch?

My name is David, and I am a recent switcher. I come from an Ubuntu Linux fan boy background. I have also been a long time Windows user. Many of my friends were not surprised when I switched from Windows to Linux, but when I told them I had gone and grabbed a Mac, they […]