How to Rebuild the iPhoto Library

[Updated December 18, 2014] Most of us agree that iPhoto sucks, but for many of us it’s a necessary evil. As time goes on and your iPhoto database grows, it can start to experience issues. These issues can include missing photos, missing thumbnail images, and the database being completely unreadable. iPhoto will prompt you to […]

iPhoto Sucks: Replace it With These iPhoto Alternatives

[Updated: December 16, 2014] There was a time that every photo taken was developed and stored in a photo album. The photos could be organized however you wanted and stored in a way that they could be easily accessible. With the advent of digital photography however, organization, display, and sharing of photographs has moved from […]

How to Run Windows on Your Mac With Boot Camp

There was a time that booting into Windows on a Mac seemed crazy, which is one of the reasons virtual machine software like VMware and Parallels became so popular. Once Apple made the jump to Intel-based processors the ability to boot directly into Windows became much easier. Every Intel-based Mac today comes pre-loaded with a […]

How to Easily Set Rules in OS X Mail

Let’s face it, following the rules isn’t any fun. Nobody likes rules but put them into the OS X Mail client and suddenly rules are a pretty good thing. Mail rules are instructions your email client follows that tell it how to handle emails automatically. This means you can tell Mail to automatically archive a […]