6 Little Known Tips for Finder

If you’ve ever used a Mac before you’ve used Finder. Finder is an odd program since it’s always running, can’t be shut off easily, and basically controls all your files in OS X. This backbone of your system does a lot of heavy lifting for your Mac, but it can be customized and tweaked just […]

5 Tips for Working with PDF Files in OS X

OSX loves PDF files. Unlike Windows, Macs come pre-installed with a stock application for viewing and editing PDF files, something that Windows users have to download and even purchase separately! Most people just use Preview to view PDF files and think that’s all it’s good for, but lucky for you, Preview can do so much […]

How to Share Calendars Using iCloud

There was a time that the big paper calendar ruled the house. Everything from baseball games to doctors appointments were listed and anything that needed done had to be run past that paper gatekeeper to avoid double-booking cars and people. With the advent of services like iCloud calendars the old paper calendar is no more. […]

8 Fresh Uses for Your Old iPhone

So your contract is up and you’re ready to buy a shiny, new iPhone, but your current iPhone still works fine, it’s just not new. Most of us toss our old iPhones in a drawer in case our new one meets an untimely death and we need a backup, but we rarely use them, so […]

WWDC 2014: The Good, The Bad, and The Unimpressive

Well, WWDC 2014’s yearly opening keynote is just a memory, but as the World Wide Developer’s Conference is just getting started, the rest of us are left examining the barrage of new features and announcements that ranged from amazing to fairly lackluster to missing entirely. Here’s our list of the good, the bad, and the […]