How to Remove Duplicate iCloud Contacts with Scrubly

There are a lot of things in this world that are great to have duplicates of. You’ll never hear anybody complain about having duplicate cakes, cars, or cases of beer, but what you definitely don’t want duplicates of is your contacts. Duplicate contacts eat up space in your address book and make it difficult to […]

Why Apple’s Partnership with IBM is a Big Deal

Yesterday Apple and IBM announced plans to partner with one another to “transform enterprise mobility” and while this is a very nebulous statement, the implications for Apple’s future are pretty huge. The partnership with IBM looks to be the start of something big for both companies. Most people think of IBM as the people that […]

5 Ways to Reclaim Disk Space in OS X

Even though MacBook and Mac Pros have been getting larger and larger internal drives, those of us with SSD drives are still fighting the storage wars, trying to keep the clutter off of drives that while extremely fast, aren’t always the largest when it comes to capacity. The longer you have your Mac the more […]

10 Tips for Using Terminal Like a Pro

Terminal is one of the most powerful tools your Mac has to offer. There was a time that everything was done via the command prompt, but with the advent of the graphical user interface Terminal has been given a backseat to regular system operation. This doesn’t mean Terminal is any less powerful today than when […]