How to Add and Remove Buttons in the iOS 8 Sharing Panel

With the release of iOS 8 Apple has started allowing unprecedented access to their mobile operating system thanks to features like keyboards and extensions. Extensions are Apple’s way of letting 3rd party apps play nicely with one another; something it has never allowed before. Now, you can use Pinterest to share your favorite website, or […]

What is Shellshock and How to Protect Against It

Don’t look now but there’s another massive vulnerability on the loose and this time it’s your Mac that’s under fire. Shellshock, the newly-discovered vulnerability affects Mac and Linux machines by allowing an attacker to inject code directly into your machine. This vulnerability is one of the worst found yet, as it has the chance to […]

Why iOS 8 Failed to Impress

iOS 8 has been with us for just under 1o days now, giving everyone enough time to install it and get our feet wet. While Apple calls this their biggest update to iOS since the app store, the truth is that the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile OS is lackluster at best. iOS 8 seems […]

The Best and the Worst of iOS 8

In case you’ve been hiding in a Faraday cage without Internet access for the past 24 hours or more, you probably already know that iOS 8 has been released into the wild for all of us to download in all of its glory. Even though it’s somewhat of an overstatement that this update is what […]

How to Change Folder Icons in OS X

Folders in OS X generally all look the same, and while that’s great for knowing what’s a folder and what’s an application, it doesn’t really make it easy to distinguish one folder from another. Folders like those for Dropbox, Google Drive, and your Home and Library all have icons that are different from all the […]