The iPhone 3G is up and running…

Well, 5 minutes before the start of the birthday party we had here today the iPhone 3G finally connected and got rolling. I’m so exhausted from the past 24 hours I don’t really even know what to think. So far, I’m not 100% sure that I should have upgraded. Edge and 3G aren’t THAT much […]

10 Ways to Trick out your Mac

Customizing your Mac is easier than ever these days. I started combing the web looking for new ways to “trick out” my Mac, and found these 10 links. They offer a variety of ways you can make your Mac your own, increase functionality and ease of use, and Pimp out your UI. Pixel Press Icons […]

About Apple Gazette

Staff Michael Murphey Editor/Writer Drew Corbitt Creative Consultant/Writer Jacob Gower Executive Director For Advertising information please contact Dave Hamilton at Backbeat Media. Welcome to Apple – Your Ultimate Guide to Thinking Different Apple Gazette is a very different kind of Apple Blog. Most Apple related blogs are written by a large number of contributors […]