Apple Gazette Daily 208 – Visual Hub update, AppleTV rant, and more

apple-gazette-daily-1.jpgA rant about AppleTVs missteps in the podcasting field, a Visual Hub update, and a bit more.

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  1. Rick Rouse says

    I have to disagree with you about the podcast section on AppleTV. Although I can understand your frustration, I must say that I have tried the streaming of HD podcasts through AppleTV and it works great. Yes some of the podcasts I’ve tried are slow to start playing but it works faster than downloading on my G5, then syncing to the ATV, then deleting the file once I’m done with it. Maybe I’m just lucky with my broadband speed. Also, using the “adding to favorites” feature is nice. It saves disk space on both my computer and ATV and eliminates all the file management. I do agree with you about the 24 hour rental time. However, I have the same time limits when I rent a HD movie through Comcast so I think it is the standard set by the movie studios.

  2. Michael says


    Yeah, Rick, I imagine you have a really fast connection. I have 6mbs down per second (or so they say) and I can’t get even one of the HD podcasts to stream at all. All those people on on DSL are completely screwed – its just not a viable solution for everyone, and adding a “subscribe” button would not have been hard at all. It was a very deliberate choice on Apple’s part to choose not to add it.

    And you’re right about the 24 hour rental time being standard for PPV movies – but the difference there is that you can DVR those PPV movies then watch them whenever you want, and you can’t do that with AppleTV.

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