30 Days of AppleTV – Day 21

iTunes has a lot of great content (I’m talking about the actual shows themselves, completely igoring the spotty video quality for this particular discussion.), but I am surprised by the things that AREN’T in iTunes. There are shows that I am missing because iTunes doesn’t have them available, and they are shows that I would think would be some of the first to be in iTunes.

Where’s Family Guy?

Where’s The Simpsons?

Where’s Smallville?

These are few shows that I would OWN the Top 10 spots if they were in iTunes, but for some reason they aren’t. This is another thing Apple truly needs to work on if they want to take AppleTV to the next level.

What shows are you wanting to see in iTunes that currently aren’t there?


  1. says

    I’ve noticed that they’re missing a lot of Fox stuff on there. I didn’t get the first episode of Drive, so I had to go through some…uh…alternate channels to find it so I could post my review. I would gladly have paid a couple of bucks to get the real deal.

  2. Frederic says

    The shows I want are already there, but I want to see shows in other countries than the US. As soon as shows appear outside the US, I’m getting an Apple TV!

  3. Michael says

    @Frederic –

    That’s a good point. I would LOVE to see the BBC on AppleTV in the US. There are so many shows that I would gladly pay for that they just don’t make available over here…

  4. David says

    I for one would really love sports programming. I think MLB deal is great, but IF iTunes is going to have some sort of rental or subscription service it’d be great if I could subscribe to a team. In my case I would gladly pay to subscribe to a season pass of LA Galaxy games. I also think it could work for Cup competitions like Champions League or FA Cup.

  5. Bob says

    As far as “Smallville” goes, I think the DVD sets of each season have been remarkably successful, and the producers might be hesitant to dilute the market on a sure thing.

    I would also like to say that I’m on Day 12 of my personal odyssey with my new AppleTV, and I’m very pleased with it, overall. I only wish it didn’t run so HOT, and/or had a real OFF switch! :-)


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