gets site redesign after Keynote!

Head over to to check out the new site design. This is the most major site overhaul for this century…but the design isn’t terribly different from what we’ve seen in the past.

Click Here to check it out.


  1. Lokintosh says:

    Yup! still exploring it! Safari 3 Beta is available for download too.

  2. antiorario says:

    Er… it’s ‘overhaul’. Come on, spelling is not that hard.

  3. I think the overhaul is good looking. It isn’t a redesign, but an overhaul of the general loook and feel, probably to showcase the look and feel of Leopard.

  4. Lokintosh says:

    After installed Safari 3 Beta, my experience is Bad! Crash! and Restart! with my TIGER MBPro! I really don’t understand why this BETA can’t work well in my Machine…? Should I try it on PC instead of Mac?

  5. Brett Johnson says:

    .Mac and QuickTime tabs disappeared in the redesign.

  6. I think leopard gui is the same of Java Looking Glass,

    see this

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