“The Apple Boogie” – the Apple Album!?!

outside.jpgWow. Just wow.

Sometimes something just has to be HEARD to be believed…and this is one of those times. Apple2.org.za has something online that I can’t seem to find anything about anywhere else. It is an album, an 80s pop album to be exact, that was released by Apple in the late 80s. It features 8 amazing tracks that include an Apple Themed “Ghostbusters” parody, and what may be my new favorite song of all time, “Apple II Forever”.

Side A includes:
Power to Be your Best
We’re So Excited
Blues Busters

Side B
Apple II Forever
Breaking Through
Building the Future with You
Leading the Way

I get the impression that this might be a cassette tape that was issued internally at the company, or perhaps an event…I’m really not sure. If anyone has information on “The Apple Boogie” and just what it is exactly, I’d love to hear it. For now, you can hear the album though…but remember…once it’s heard…it cannot be UNheard.

Click Here to download the entire album


  1. Gary says

    I think I found a new soundtrack for life. I wonder if they have morning exercises at Apple headquarters, everybody in the parking lot doing a little dance fitness at 9 am. Sure would get everyone in the mood for having a great day.

    Put me on the waiting list for “The Apple Boogie II”

  2. Alex says

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