Apple Gazette Daily 375 – G1 in Wal-Mart, Psystar, Mac Mini and more

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Today’s Show: Mac Mini rumor, New Games, iPhone and more!

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  1. says

    RE: The Mac Mini…

    I’m rather fond of the Mini and like to see it continued as a small form-factor.
    My first Mac was the slightly faster model of the original PPC Mini.
    Someday, when I get an 1080P HDTV, I’d like to have a Mini attached to it.

  2. Steve Carlton says

    Given all the fuss Apple made about being environmentally responsible at the recent Macbook release, it seems mad that they’d discontinue the most energy efficient desktop they make!

    If this is the end for the Mini, I hope we’ll be seeing a suitable replacement for it at some point.

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