Apple Gazette Daily 343 – “Let’s Rock!”

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Today’s Show: A recap the Apple “Let’s Rock” event and a look at iTunes 8.

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  1. splitjewel says

    Itunes features dont like the genuis. I feel its a way to make people buy more music when they dont nee dto. Its like people picking up cheap offers from a supermarket just because its their. Like genuis its outting music right infront of you.
    i do like the SHAKE feature and the colours of the new nanos and taht its all aluminium.Somehow Im not sure the new longer version really diggs me. I find the shape more difficult to incoprorate on portabaility in a pocket and so( like the shuffle).
    As for downloading tv shows in hd…is cool but here in spain you cant downlaod movies or yv shows yet hope they hurry up..

  2. splitjewel says

    Umm the naos are slim though so can fit nicely into a deep pocket.
    I am tempted to buy one.I have a shuffle which is fine but the nao would offer allot more.
    Will all ipods in the futue come with the new in ear headphones? the new ones look really nice.

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