Apple Gazette Daily 266 – Listener Questions!

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Today’s Show: Listener Questions!

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  1. Special Sauce says

    Hibernate automatically engages a few seconds after the power light turns on. You can remove the battery or AC adaptor then too. There are a few issues with Sleep you may have missed:
    – Sleep eats battery power over time (though not that much over a few mins)
    – While most of the parts are off, there is still current running through other parts of the machine. In transporting there is a higher likelihood of something happening to it…. rain, drops/falls, snow, condensation…. Having it OFF decreases the chance of a short-circuit or other damage.
    – Motion could cause shifting of the battery, RAM or other connections that would cause damage (in the more unlikely event this did happen). In the same thought, if a key were to be pressed, the machine would turn on.

    …Not to say I don’t put it to sleep and go to class, just those are the risks. (the article you ref’ed)

    Also check out System Profiler (shortcut is hold down option and click “about this mac”). Under Power is the battery specs, and in Leopard it gives you a “good” “fair” “bad” sort of rating. Strain you put on your battery also affects its lifespan; running games on battery will shorten lifespan compared to checking email.

  2. Special Sauce says

    Also note some machines have Li – ion or Li – Polymer, and they have very different failing/dying characteristics.

  3. Special Sauce says

    And finally, batteries are considered “consumable” parts and are not covered under AppleCare (read the fine print). A failing battery from use is not considered a manufacturing defect. Typically in the first year they could be covered depending on circumstances.

  4. Matt says

    Can’t get the show on iTunes anymore for some reason. Last one available was on May 6th.

    What’s going on???!!

  5. Michael says


    It seems to be working fine for me. Try unsubscribing and then subscribe again.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

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