Apple Gazette Daily 246 – Nike +, Software updates and more

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Today’s Show: Nike +, Software updates and more

UPDATE: The audio issue that you’re hearing in today’s show is the reason I have sent the Macbook Pro I record on back to Apple so many times. I did not catch it before posting it. I have removed this episode from the iTunes feed, but I have left it here so that Apple customer support can hear it if they need to.

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  1. David B Haun says:

    Very static on Apple Gazette Daily today.

  2. Thanks for your online gazette! Nice job… But: Michael, do you ever listen to your broadcast once after you finished recording? This sound quality really sucks! And please record your voice a bit louder in comparison to the intro music.

  3. @David and @Mex

    I did listen to just the beginning to make sure the date was right before I posted it. That audio problem you’re hearing is the reason my Macbook Pro has been back to Apple so many times. It was supposed to be fixed.

    I apologize for the horrible sound.

  4. So does that mean they’re finally going to give you a new machine??

  5. @Jon

    We’ll see. I called them on Friday afternoon and didn’t hear anything back. I hope to hear from them on Monday.

  6. I hope they do the right thing.

    It’s a real shame you’ve had problems, but the MBP is still a great machine.

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