Apple Gazette Daily 162 – Jobs at Macworld, Apple Lawsuits and an iPhone Battery Enhancer

apple-gazette-daily-1.jpgSteve Jobs to give Keynote speech at Macworld, other Apple lawsuit, and a way to extend your iPhone battery life.

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  1. Steve says

    I don’t really have a reason to post but I finally had enough of waiting. I went and bought an iPod Touch and man this thing I’d sweet, typing I’d surprisingly easy. Posting this on it now mostly because I want an excuse to use it. For what its worth the site looks quite nice on it

  2. Brian says

    Can’t download this one or 160 from iTunes?!?! Can you repost them in iTunes? Please!!! Oddly enough 161 came thru fine.

  3. Michael says


    I checked the feed, and there was an issue with today’s code – I fixed it. 160 was fine, though. I’m not why that one isn’t working for you.

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