These Wooden Apple Accessories by Nordic Appeal Will Make You Look Twice

And they just might make you the object of envy of your coworkers, as well!

Nordic Appeal is a Danish design company, which has the mantra “comfort and sustainable design”, and ¬†even if you don’t buy into the sustainable trend, the wooden Apple accessories that this company has made will appeal to your sense of aesthetics.

Nordic appeal

You have to admit this MacBook stand¬†(for 13-inch laptops) looks good. You can choose your “wood flavor” – oak or walnut.

This iMac stand is so simple, yet so elegant.

Nordic Appeal


And if you put them all together, you can imagine your desk looking something like this.

Nordic Appeal


Beautiful, isn’t it?

So what’s the catch? Possibly the price. Obviously, the price varies depending on the item, but expect anywhere from US80 to a little more than a hundred bucks.

With how beautiful and simple these accessories look, though, I think they’re worth the price. (Unlike what may arguably be the world’s ugliest iPhone case.) Check out more at the Nordic Appeal Store.

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