The Diamond iWatch: The Ultimate Luxury in Wearables

“Ultimate luxury” is how jewelers Mervis Diamond Importers describe their own elitist take on the Apple iWatch, but I think it’s just plain ridiculous. “Ultimate luxury” doesn’t even begin to cover it. The Diamond iWatch is included in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, another marketing stunt in my opinion, as it won’t be available till […]

PRODUCT RED Campaign Raised $20 Million to Help AIDS Research

Founded in 2006 in collaboration with Bono and Bobby Shriver, Apple’s PRODUCT RED campaign has been consistently promoted every year. The goal is to deliver an AIDS-free generation. This year, the PRODUCT RED campaign raised a whopping $20 million that will go to AIDS research, with the hopes of making the ultimate goal a reality […]

Isn’t it Time We Forgave Apple for Apple Maps?

Back in 2012, Apple famously dumped Google Maps in favor of its own in-house mapping solution, introducing Apple Maps to iOS users for the first time. The new Maps app delivered a host of cool new features, including turn-by-turn navigation and 3D flyovers of popular cities and landmarks. But in a move that was very uncharacteristic […]