It’s Official: Third-Party Chargers and Lightning Cables CAN Damage Your iPhone

We’ve always “known” that unofficial Apple chargers and cables pose a threat to our Apple devices, iPhones included. Yet that hasn’t stopped third-party manufacturers from creating their own products and selling them at much lower price points than original or certified Apple accessories. Obviously, there is a market for them. After all, everyone likes to […]

5 Tips for Working with PDF Files in OS X

OSX loves PDF files. Unlike Windows, Macs come pre-installed with a stock application for viewing and editing PDF files, something that Windows users have to download and even purchase separately! Most people just use Preview to view PDF files and think that’s all it’s good for, but lucky for you, Preview can do so much […]

Apple Sends Out Invites for $100 Million Education Program

So who said Apple doesn’t do its part in giving back to the community? This week, Apple has started sending out applications/invitations for the $100 Million Education Program it is carrying out in line with the White House’s ConnectED initiative. This initiative was announced by the Obama administration in 2013, with goal of enriching “K-12 […]