10 iOS 8 Features We Want to See

With iOS 7.1 due to come out any day now, it’s obviously time to start thinking of what iOS 8 might hold for us. Tim Cook called iOS 7 the “biggest change since the iPhone” and while it was truly a reinvention of the iPhone’s software, we’re definitely interested in what iOS 8 features are […]

Patent Granted: “Attack Detection Mode” on iPhones

It wouldn’t be right to end the week without another cool patent granted to Apple, right? The Attack Detection Mode on iPhones is something that everyone should be excited about, as it’s not just another feature that would make things more convenient for this generation of instant gratification seekers. If it does get implemented, the […]

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon With Oscar Mayer’s Bacon Alarm for the iPhone

What’s the best way to wake up in the morning? For someone who is not exactly a morning person, there is no perfect answer to that, although the sound and smell of sizzling bacon (and coffee!) comes pretty close. It’s a rare treat to have those sounds and smells, though, especially if you live alone […]

Meet the Million Dollar iPhone

Blinged out, crazy expensive iPhones are nothing new. Last year, we even heard of the Black Diamond iPhone 5 which was priced at $15 million! Since that much money is unreal for most people, I suppose this new Million Dollar iPhone is more reasonable. Jewellers Alchemist London have created the Million Dollar iPhone, which has a 24-carat […]

Does CarPlay Really Matter?

Early Monday morning Apple announced CarPlay; a new way to use your iPhone and car to listen to music, talk on the phone, receive text messages, and get turn-by-turn directions via Apple Maps. This giant step from Apple seems to be a great new way to use iOS 7 and your car, but does CarPlay […]

TwelveSouth’s SurfacePad Case for the Ipad Mini Looks Good AND Has Got a Lot of Smarts

That’s what the “Apple only” accessory maker says about their new iPad Mini case, and after perusing the page for the new product, I am bound to agree! We don’t have a lot of TwelveSouth products at home, but what we have are certainly some of the best Apple accessories we’ve bought. Sure, they’re not […]