How to Get a Flappy Bird Knockoff Approved: Name it Flying Cyrus

This week, we heard about Apple (and Google) bringing the hammer down on developers who submitted Flappy Bird knockoffs to the App Store. A sure sign seemed to be the use of the word “Flappy” (I wonder why), although there might have been other considerations. Understandably, developers were frustrated and took to the Internet to […]

Is “Fanless” Going to Be the New MacBook Air’s Main Selling Point?

Every year, Mac enthusiasts wait eagerly for details on how their favorite company can surprise them. Probably just as eagerly, critics await the time they can lash out at their favorite punching bag. With innovation at the core of the company, Apple does face a lot of pressure – perhaps both internally and externally – […]

If the iTunes Store Were to Become Netflix, Would the Apple TV Be a Win?

That’s what Dave Smith of readwrite thinks. In an opinion piece published yesterday, the writer emphasized that “Apple needs to take a page from a different pioneer in order to offer something truly different.“ Source And that’s the crux of the matter, isn’t it? Apple making something truly different. This is the company that revolves […]