2007 iPhone Launch Reimagined

Remember this? (I suppose that’s a silly question…) An explainer marketing agency experienced some extra creative moments, probably inspired by the birthday of Steve Jobs, and reimagined the 2007 iPhone launched. In many ways, it is totally different from the original, but in perhaps just as many ways, it retains the essence of that momentous […]

Steve Jobs Bust Unveiled on His Birthday

Yesterday was Steve Jobs’s birthday. Did you remember to commemorate it in your own way? Source In Belgrade, artist┬áDragan Radenovi? celebrated the icon’s birthday in the most fitting manner – by unveiling the Steve Jobs statue that he created. Well, a scaled-down model of the statue, that is. It will be┬átaken to the Cupertino headquarters […]

Gotofail Bug: Honest Mistake or NSA Conspiracy?

And, the conspiracy theorists are having a heyday! Right before the weekend, we read about a stupid coding mistake in iOS, leading to Apple developers working frantically to fix it AND release the fix. Various sites have released the lines of code which lead to a serious security issue, with everyone saying that if you […]

Smart Magnet Technology Patent Can Revolutionize the Way We Use iPads

Another day, another patent. As it usually is with Apple patents, things get rather interesting. Apple Insider reports that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent regarding a “magnetic attachment unit”, which is basically smart magnet technology that goes beyond what current smart covers for iPads employ. Source The abstract of […]