How to Rename Files With Automator

Automator is an application bundled with OS X for quite a few versions now, but it is often misunderstood and used even less. At its core, Automator is a basic scripting application that allows you to stack those scripts together with drag-and-drop simplicity, giving you a powerful tool to fight repetition and busy work; getting […]

How to Fix Authorization Issues in iTunes

One of the biggest complaints about iTunes is the digital rights management, or DRM, aspect of the software. To give you the most open access to your files possible, Apple locks down everything around those files as tightly as possible so you can’t easily download music, movies, apps, and anything else from iTunes and share […]

What Comes After OS X?

The two things that come to mind when people think about Apple are usually the iPhone and a Mac running OS X. The OS X operating system has become tied to Apple more than any product or software so far, but unlike Windows, OS X is both the name of the software as well as […]

Can iTunes Radio Compete With Spotify and Pandora?

With the launch of iOS 7, Apple started offering its users iTunes Radio, a purposed Spotify and Pandora killer, but can iTunes Radio stand up to these streaming giants and possibly even become competition for them? It’s still early to say, but it’s possible. History Since iTunes Radio is not widely used yet and isn’t […]

Could the iWatch Be A Reality in 2014?

Anyone familiar with rumors about Apple is more than familiar with the iWatch, even though as of now it doesn’t exist. The rumored wearable device has been talked about since late 2012 and the rumors have only grown since then. There have been some entries into the smart watch category already with the Pebble and […]