Is Insuring Your iPhone 5S Worth It?

Source It used to be that the only things that needed insurance were houses, cars, and other really expensive purchases. The idea of insuring something as “trivial” as a smartphone would have been an overkill a mere 5 years ago, but times, they are a’changing. While we do see more people with iPhones on the […]

What Apple Must Do To Survive

Apple is one of the most profitable consumer companies around today, so it might seem odd to think about what Apple must do to survive, but it is a valid concern. With Steve Jobs gone, Apple has entered a new age and the future of this ingenious company could very well be in jeopardy. Some […]

Apple’s iOS 7 vs. Google’s Android 4.4

Apple’s iOS 7 vs. Google’s Android 4.4 (via slashdot) Now that Apple’s iOS 7 is in the wild, it’s perhaps time to compare it with Google’s upcoming Android 4.4 (codenamed “KitKat,” as in the candy bar). As with previous versions of Android, this latest iteration is named after a sweet confection…

How To Get iOS 7 Running Faster on Older iPhones

The new iPhone 5S and 5C are amazingly fast devices. These wonders of technology run Apple’s newest iteration of iOS, iOS 7, with ease and speed. What about everyone with an iPhone 4? These are still amazing phones and shouldn’t be left out in the cold, especially since many organizations and businesses still use them […]

iPhone 5S users moan of Windows style “blue screen of death”

iPhone 5S users moan of Windows style ‘blue screen of death’ (via EARLY ADOPTERS of Apple’s flagship iPhone 5S smartphone might be wondering whether their device is in fact running Microsoft Windows, with some users reporting a ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BSOD). The Verge reports that a handful of users have been…

iTunes is Dead. Long Live iTunes!

iTunes is one of those applications that love it or hate it, many people can’t live without it in some way. What was once just a simple “jukebox application” has grown to become a megalithic, bloated program that, if you like iOS devices like the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, you’re required to use.