Larger iPhone 6 Being Tested With Curved, Pressure Sensitive Touch Panels

Larger iPhone 6 Being Tested With Curved, Pressure Sensitive Touch Panels (via BestTechie) We’ve suspected for quite some time now that Apple has been testing a new, larger form factor iPhone for introduction as the next flagship iPhone (the “iPhone 6?, if you may) next year, but we’re learning that Apple is working on a […]

Apple Reports on Government Information Requests

Ever since it came to light that the US government has spied on Americans with the supposed help from companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, these companies have been scrambling to show their respective customers that the method for requesting information from them is done with the upmost security and only when valid warrants are […]

Software Review: SPAM Fighter PLUS GIVEAWAY!

Spam emails are a major pain. Not only do they make you have to sort through emails and doubly the validity of real, honest emails, they carry viruses, tricks, and phishing scams that can trick the best of us. For both your computer and your own safety, a program built solely to fight spam is […]

Why Was Mavericks Free?

With the major 10.9 update to OSX, Apple did something unprecedented; they gave it away for free. Mavericks marks the first time Apple gave away a major update to their flagship operating system, so the question is: why? A company like Apple doesn’t do anything without a solid reason, so what is Apple’s rationale in […]

5 iPhone Apps for Charity That Make the World a Better Place

Technology is continually creating new features and applications for smart devices. From travel apps to health apps, the selection is practically endless. But perhaps the most appealing are iPhone apps for charity. There are five outstanding apps for the iPhone whose primary purpose is to make the world a much better place. Here they are. […]