The Case for Apple for Small Businesses

Traditionally, small businesses lean toward using PCs instead of Macs for their operations. And why not? Everyone uses (used) PCs, and we all know that these devices are cheaper than Macs. Why would any small business owner go out into the unknown and take a bite of another apple? Well, the times they are a-changin’, […]

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on Your iPhone

Contacts on the iPhone are used for everything from phone calls, to text messages, to email, to social media like Twitter and Facebook. With all this integration and so many apps using your contacts, it’s pretty easy to get duplicate contacts. While these are an inevitability when dealing with mobile devices, until recently you had […]

6 New Mavericks Tricks You Probably Missed

OS X Mavericks has been out for a little while now but users are still finding hidden tricks and features in the newest iteration of Apple’s flagship operating system. The biggest features were mentioned when the software was released, but a few have snuck through under the radar where you might have missed them. Fear […]

Curved screen smartphones could catch on, if Apple embraces them

Curved screen smartphones could catch on, if Apple embraces them (via The Inquirer) THIS WEEK we saw disappointing sales of the “world’s first” curved screen smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy Round, and to be honest, it doesn’t come as much of a shock. If Samsung’s apparent attempt at gaining publicity with the tagline, “the first curved…

Could Apple Merge the iPad Air and MacBook Air?

Apple recently released the newest iteration to the iPad: the iPad Air. This 9.7” Retina display iPad is the thinnest so far at .29” thin, only tied with the iPad mini for thickness. The newest MacBook Air has an 11.6” screen and is .68” thick, making it the smallest MacBook to date. With these two […]

Infographic: Maximize Your Battery Life

As our devices get more and more sophisticated the batteries that run them seem to be growing at a much slower pace. In the heyday of the flip phone it wasn’t unheard of to go two or more days without charging your device. Today, however, it’s not uncommon to charge your smart phone two or […]

Software Review: MacX Video Converter Pro PLUS GIVEAWAY!

To say there are a lot of video converters out there would be a massive understatement.  A simple search of the Mac App Store returns over 100 results. Most of these are built around one specific purpose, like pulling audio out or downloading YouTube videos. Few good video converters can do all these tasks easily, […]