When excellence simply isn’t good enough for Apple

When excellence simply isn’t good enough for Apple (via Pando Daily) By Kevin Kelleher On September 10, 2013Nearly a year ago, Apple’s stock was trading at $705 a share, capping a fourfold increase over the previous three years. That peak price came only a few days after Apple introduced the iPhone 5. At the time,…

The 10 Most Useful Defaults Write Commands for OSX

At their heart, Macs are very tweakable machines. OSX is a great operating system because most settings work just fine as they are, but with a few simple Terminal commands you can change just about anything that doesn’t suit you perfectly. These commands are called Defaults Write Commands, and when entered into the OSX command […]

The iPhone 5C and 5S Keynote Comic Strip

We all love Apple and whatever it serves up – well, most of it anyway. We say haters will be haters, and Apple’s stock value seems to always go down after the company fails to meet the expectations of pundits and analysts. This time, it’s no different. We’ve all seen and heard what both camps […]

5 Tips to Make Mail.app an Awesome Email Client

Apple’s default mail client is a favorite of many OSX users. With its simple, clean interface and built-in integration with apps like Calendar and Contacts, it really is a great solution for email. Most people just use the surface features of Mail.app and are completely happy with it. There are some people, however, that would […]