Could Apple Merge the iPad Air and MacBook Air?

Apple recently released the newest iteration to the iPad: the iPad Air. This 9.7” Retina display iPad is the thinnest so far at .29” thin, only tied with the iPad mini for thickness. The newest MacBook Air has an 11.6” screen and is .68” thick, making it the smallest MacBook to date. With these two […]

Infographic: Maximize Your Battery Life

As our devices get more and more sophisticated the batteries that run them seem to be growing at a much slower pace. In the heyday of the flip phone it wasn’t unheard of to go two or more days without charging your device. Today, however, it’s not uncommon to charge your smart phone two or […]

Software Review: MacX Video Converter Pro PLUS GIVEAWAY!

To say there are a lot of video converters out there would be a massive understatement.  A simple search of the Mac App Store returns over 100 results. Most of these are built around one specific purpose, like pulling audio out or downloading YouTube videos. Few good video converters can do all these tasks easily, […]

How to Reduce the Cost of iPhone Ownership

Source Smartphones have taken the country by storm. Over half of all Americans now own one, and more iPhones are sold each day than babies are born. What’s not so popular, however, are the increased costs associated with ownership. However, if you do just a bit of research and exercise a little restraint, you’re going […]

The Case Against A Larger iPhone 6

As the iPhone has evolved it has only seen one bump up in screen size from 3.6” to 4”. This extra .4” gave the iPhone 5 an entire extra row of icons and made the phone feel more substantial. Many critics of Apple believe this increase wasn’t enough and that to stay competitive the upcoming […]

Popular Data Backup Choices for Mac Users

Techies who switch over to using Apple products often learn of the many benefits right away. Mobile iPhone or iPad devices provide exceptional quality within the App Store along with interface commands. These mobile devices are one of the best solutions but they also have many security features to make it difficult for users who […]

How To Move an iTunes Library to an External Drive

Is your iTunes library getting a little too big for your internal hard drive? Do you wish you had those gigs of space back without deleting that music library you’ve curated over the years? Well, it’s actually fairly easy to get your entire iTunes library off of your Mac and onto an external drive or […]