Review: Plants vs Zombies 2

Welcome your new overlords Everyone loves a success story, and Popcap’s Plants vs Zombies (for iPhone/iPod or iPad) was certainly that. When released in 2009, many considered it to be the first truly killer game for iPhone. Easy to learn, tons of content, and cute as the dickens, PvZ even showed up in Apple’s iPad TV […]

Five Ways To Secure Your iPhone You May Not Have Thought Of

The more your iPhone finds itself woven into your personal lifestyle, the more vulnerable you are to security compromises of any kind. On the one hand, apps and websites are trying to grab hold of your data (sometimes without permission). On the other hand, your phone could be snatched right out of your hand by […]

Apple Acquires TV Apps Company Matcha.TV

Here’s a new development from Apple that could be a sign that the company is cooking up something new. Apple has recently acquired a startup company, The company developed a second-screen mobile app and web-based service. It basically offers a number of features to complement TV viewing. This includes comprehensive TV listings, recommendations based […]