Helpful Car Insurance Apps for iOS

Car insurance is a requirement for owning and driving a car. But what kind of car insurance should you get? This may sound like a question that a new driver will ask but the truth is, even experienced drivers can sometimes get confused about the subject of car insurance policies. What car insurance product would […]

Ping Officially Shut Down

The debacle that was Apple Maps was a strong message to people and Apple fans that not every single product or service the company has released is a resounding success. One of these duds was Ping, the social service integrated into the iTunes. Apple has officially announced that it is shutting down the service. The […]

Apple, Samsung Still Locked in Legal Battles

A month or so ago, Apple finally won in its court battle against Samsung in a California court. The verdict – Samsung has infringed on Apple’s patents and will be required to pay a little more than $1 billion to Apple as damages. But the fight is not finished. Various motions and filings are still […]